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  • Your subconscious mind is responsible for 97% of your success! 

  • Conflicting meanings cause you to struggle!

  • Permanent change only happens on the subconscious level!

Don’t worry there's a light at the end of the tunnel! I’m here to help you!

Your subconscious programming has many conflicting meanings that hold you back from succeeding! 


Conflicting meanings cause you to be inconsistent, ineffective, and stressed out! Right? 


How do you know if you have conflicting beliefs? Behind every recurring challenge, there are conflicting meanings.


When your self limiting programming is deleted and your subconscious is reprogramed your life gets better and better!




By applying one of a kind, powerful, safe, non-traumatic, fast, and cutting edge subconscious mind SECRET SOSS Method that will cause you and your team to experience powerful shifts! This is The Wholly Shift Experience       (This is NOT sports physiology, hypnotherapy, goal setting, NLP, or energy work).

What my clients say...

I did my session on my athletic performance.

I've been doing triathlons for 9 years. I always felt that I was not fast and strong enough to do well in the races.

​I felt good about our session. I just answered Dawn's questions and followed your directions. I noticed in the following week I felt better about myself overall. More positive. As I was training I wasn't thinking about not being fast or strong enough like before. My times were improving. I was so surprised!

​Thanks, Dawn!

​Improvement Scale: 1 - 10 (10 being the highest) - 7

Tom - Triathlete












— Marc - Professtional Instrumentalist 






The Wholly Shift session is simple, powerful, and doesn’t take long. 


I just answered Dawn’s questions with the first thing that came to my mind. In the end, I was told not to think anymore about the session. This would allow the subconscious to release the limiting belief. It was that easy. 


Prior to Wholly Shift, I did years of many other therapies including cognitive behavior therapy. 


Wholly Shift went much deeper just in one session. I felt a lot of emotion which was great. It encouraged me to go forward. That night I didn’t have racing thoughts as usual. I had many realizations. 


For example, cognitive-behavioral therapy also asks questions, however, the Wholly Shift questions were different. They had more of an impact on me. I worked with my therapist using CBT for six months. In our sessions, we worked on figuring out my challenges. Then I was given tools to take home and consistently use to help change my thoughts over time. With Wholly Shift, I didn’t have to do anything else after my session. The questions triggered the subconscious to release the thoughts and beliefs that had been holding me back.  

Improvement Scale: 1 - 10 (10 being the highest) -  8 


I would highly recommend Wholly Shift and Dawn! I felt safe and not judged by her.


—  Karen - Health Care Professional

The Wholly Shift session works!

Prior to working with Dawn, I had been challenged with difficult conversations both personally and professionally. I found myself avoiding conflicts, not saying anything, or removing myself from the situation.


Since our session together, I have had several challenging conversations that I proactively addressed, with a sense of acceptance, comfort, and ownership.  I did not experience any angst or trepidation before or after the conversations. On a scale from 1-10, 10 being the highest, I feel like I've improved my experience around difficult conversations by 7 to 8 points.

— Zack - VP of Internal Communications



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Are you feeling panicky, fearful, anxious, afraid, sad, angry, overwhelmed, confused, hopeless, lonely, etc.?

I can help!

Schedule your FREE 15-minute consultation NOW to find out how I can help you! 

How effective would it be to remove you and your teams self-limiting thoughts, emotions, meanings, behaviors, biases, and beliefs that hold back your companies initiatives?

If your company is struggling with any initiatives identified below, I can help!


Most of us feel stuck or held back in our professional lives. We can't seem to get past recurring challenges. Ugh! We don't really know why and what to do to get past these challenges once and for all!


You're stressed out, tired, unhappy, and not getting the results you want! 

What causes you to struggle? Your struggle is caused by two or more conflicting meanings. 


Have you been struggling with any of these conflicting thoughts caused by conflicting meanings? 


  • I want to feel more confident, I have a lot of doubt about my abilities

  • I want to be more productive, I procrastinate 

  • I want to change, I’m afraid of change

  • I want that promotion, I'm not good enough

  • I want feedback, I’m afraid of conflict

  • I want to increase my skill set, I'm not smart enough

  • I want to have my own team, people are difficult

  • I want more money, money is bad. 

  • I want to succeed, it’s lonely at the top

  • I want to be a good leader, I’m afraid of failing

  • I want to network, I’m afraid of rejection

  • I want to increase my sales, I can’t do it

  • I want to be a good communicator, I’m not good with people

  • I want to be good at time management, There’s not enough time

  • I want to be good at negotiations, I’m not assertive enough

  • I want to be clear-minded, I feel confused a lot

The list goes on and on, doesn't it?

What is it for you? 


Learn how to easily and effectively work with your most valuable resource, your subconscious mind!

This is how you work smarter not harder. 

Working with the subconscious mind requires less effort and produces better results faster than other approaches.

Learn, apply, and experience easy and effective tools and techniques that work!


Enjoy releasing limiting beliefs, thoughts, emotions, fears, biases, and behaviors while reprogramming your subconscious mind for success!     


       Breakthrough Performance Barriers Fast!








​Now you'll have Peace of Mind because now you'll know what to do to get the results needed. 

  • Breakthrough performance barriers!

  • Businesses run more smoothly and efficiently! 

  • Managing people made easy!


You feel less stressed, happier, and have more energy. You're getting the results you want!

Imagine breaking through performance barriers! 


How would your career life be different?


More Confident!

More Consistent!

More Productive!

More Effective!

Better Decision Making! 

More Creative!

More Collaborative?

More Successful!

More Money!

More Recognition!

More Fulfilled!

Less Stress!

Feeling Safe!

Positive Mindset!

More Energy!


and much more!

You will absolutely be more confident, productive, and happy after you experience powerful transformational shifts in your areas of struggles!




Release limiting beliefs, thoughts, emotions, behaviors, biases,  and fears! Private 1-on-1 in person or video chat sessions are the easiest and fastest way

to breakthrough performance barriers!

It's easy! Answer my questions with the first thing that comes to mind.  

In the following hours, days, and weeks you and others will notice positive changes on the topic worked on. 


Get in Touch to find out more!


Leadership training

Your leadership experience will become easier while getting better results from your team. 

Breakthrough performance barriers!


Your business environment will run smoother. 

Learn how to easily and effectively remove 

limiting beliefs, thoughts, emotions, fears, biases, and behaviors while reprogramming the subconscious mind for success!


Be the first to find out about our next training!



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Bill, a retired manager of 45 yrs. from GE said it all. "WOW! If I had a resource like you my job would've been so much easier!"

Our beliefs control 97% of everything we do, think, feel, and have. 

Use me when you or your team needs help breaking through performance 


I will use my Wholly Shift techniques to get the results you want! 


Get in Touch to find out more!



Hear why the subconscious mind is your most powerful resource. 


Find out how the subconscious mind works and how you can get it to work for you with less effort! Enjoy getting better results faster and easier than other approaches.

This is great for people who feel held back, stuck, not getting the results they desire and want a solution that works!


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For over 20 yrs. I've had the pleasure of helping others by training and facilitating easy and effective tools and techniques to remove limiting beliefs and reprogram the subconscious mind for success!


At a very young age I noticed that I was blessed with the gift of being able to see and understand things about myself and others that most do not. Since my late teens this hyperfocus has guided me in researching, learning, developing, and using very easy and effective tools and techniques to help myself and others move past limitations.

I've successfully worked with people in leadership roles, employees, athletes, parents, couples, startups, children, and many others to help breakthrough barriers by releasing limiting beliefs so they can have what they want!

Imagine moving past personal and professional challenges around work, money, health, relationships, social, spiritual, mental, emotional, self, etc..

Have you ever thought...
I'm not good enough?
I'm not smart enough?
I'm not rich enough?
I'm not pretty enough?
I'm not thin enough? 
I'm not strong enough?
I'm not loveable enough? 
Me too! We all have thought at least one of these things, haven't we?


Like most, I came from a dysfunctional environment. Against all odds I have been able to move past several limitations, including creating the romantic relationship of my dreams. 21 years and going strong! I can help you do the same!

I love helping people move past limitations so they can enjoy the life they dream of! I look forward to helping you! 

Dawn Dawson

Chief Success Officer

Permanent change ONLY happens on the subconscious level!

Brian Tracy

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